TrupointAdvisors was founded in 2002 by Graham Russell to provide comprehensive sustainability consulting services to small and mid-size companies.  We specialize in helping businesses profit from the trend toward a more  sustainable global economy through strategic planning and market positioning.

At TrupointAdvisors, we bring a strategic mindset to sustainability consulting. We will work with you to optimize operational efficiencies and drive organizational improvements through sustainable business practices. We are well versed in helping companies position themselves for competitive market advantage through a sustainability-based strategy.

Additionally, recognizing that “cleantech” is an important element in creating a more sustainable economy, TrupointAdvisors also specializes in helping companies to bring innovative clean/green products and services to the market place.


EXCITING NEWS  -  NEW BOOK Project: July 2012

Graham Russell and experienced co-author Martha Young have embarked on a new book. Entitled “Sustainability-focused Small Businesses: How They Can Drive Economic Growth”, the book will examine the reasons why small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) find it difficult to embrace the principles of sustainability as a driver of their corporate strategies. The authors will conduct extensive research across several industry verticals with a view to producing a playbook to help SMEs and the business organizations that support them to understand that a sustainability-based strategy will drive innovation, competitive advantage, improved financial performance and NEW JOBS. Learn more.

Meet Graham Russell, Founder and Principal of TruPoint Advisors.